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Join us in our long journey of creating one of the most friendly, active, and comfortable servers a Minecraft player can join. Our goal is to host the server for an indefinite amount of time, and continuously develop daily to keep the server as up to date as possible, as well as adding suggested features and new ideas to have that refreshing new feel every time you join. As the server is still in early development, there are still plenty of bugs and glitches on every server that will be smoothed out over time with your help! We host incredibly fun events like build battles on our Creative server, PVP battles on our Skywars, Survival Games, and DrugFactions server, and person-to-person competetions on skyblock for for who can be the top island! Each and every donation to the server keeps it alive for longer and inspires me as a programmer to develop new and exciting custom things for the server and release them out to the donors who made them happen. By the way, thanks donors for making this website possible!

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About The Owner


Hey there, welcome to my website! I started all of this one day during the COVID-19 quarantine and this is where is has come :). I am an avid Minecraft player and have been since the early beta versions. Running a professional Minecraft server has always been my gamer dream since day #1 of being introduced to it by my best friend. I am always on the server developing and thinking of new creative ideas that will make the server one of a kind and bring more people from all around the world like it has been, and creating relationships that wouldn't have been created otherwise. Come on and join my friends and I in playing on over 8+ servers and having unforgettable fun memories. PLEASE ENJOY!!!